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KCM Debuts New Product Brand, Introduces 3 New Loaders at CONEXPO 2017

KCM Corporation to Debut New Brand, New Products at CONEXPO 2017
Kawasaki-KCM Wheel Loaders is Now KCM
KCM Corporation, the wheel loader subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) is debuting their new KCM brand wheel loaders at CONEXPO 2017. You may have come to know KCM through the years as Kawasaki Loaders, Inc., or Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp. of America, or KCMA Corporation. The same company that has manufactured “Kawasaki Wheel Loaders” for the North American Market for over 35 years. HCM acquired KCM through a joint venture buyout from Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) October 2016. True to HCM, KCM is now discontinuing the Kawasaki brand and transitioning to KCM.

HCM will be aggressively investing in KCM’s wheel loader business to build market acceptance worldwide. Evidence of this is a special corporate Wheel Loader Task Force formed to develop aggressive marketing and support programs for global markets. This Task Force consists of a team of dedicated marketing professionals located in Tokyo, Japan and Kennesaw, Georgia, as well as individuals throughout key markets.

The total assets of the Wheel Loader division of Hitachi, and all of the assets KCM owns are now under KCM. This includes all of the Engineering, the entire wheel loader Parts and Support group, and the Ryugasaki, Japan manufacturing facility. The addition of the Ryugasaki manufacturing facility effectively doubles the production capabilities of KCM, and brings KCM to 1,300 members strong, all devoted to the global wheel loader market.

KCM is introducing four wheel loaders in CONEXPO 2017, Including 2 new additions to the wheel loader line-up, the 30ZV-2 (.52 cu.yd./ 30 HP) and 40ZV-2 (.65 cu. yd./45HP) compact wheel loaders. This brings the KCM wheel loader offering to 16 loaders ranging from .52 to 9.15 cubic yards. In addition to the new compact loaders two Z7 Tier 4 Interim loaders have been upgraded to Tier 4 Final loaders, the 80Z7 T4F (4.2 – 4.7 cu.yd./193 HP) and the 95Z7 T4F (6.5 – 8.1 cu.yd./368 HP).

In the past 35 years serving the North American market these machines have been used in a wide range of applications. While performing very well in mainstream applications such as site building, material production, quarries and general contractors, the loaders are proficient at handling special applications such as hot slag, dairy & agriculture, logging & lumber, pipe handling and waste & recycling.

KCM Corporation, experts in the wheel loader industry, have long been known for providing outstanding support systems, flexible programs, quality rebuilt components and technologically advanced wheel loaders. Exhibiting in Central Hall# 20527, stop by to see the 30ZV-2, 40ZV-2, 45ZV-2 compact wheel loaders, the 80Z7 T4F, 90Z7 T4F Interactive loader, and 95Z7 T4F loaders. This year’s CONEXPO theme is “KCM – REPUTATIONS ARE BUILT ON IT”.
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