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KCMA Corporation, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Marketing KAWASAKI-KCM Wheel Loaders.

Kawasaki-KCM 90Z7 T4F -
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Bucket Capacity: 5.5-6.1 cu. yd
Engine/Output: 275 HP
Operating Weight: 53,310 lbs
Breakout Force: 44,740 lbs

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compact loader

Compact Loaders

  • Bucket Capacity: 1.18 cu. yd
  • Engine/Output: 61 HP
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.78 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 45 HP
compact loader

Utility Loaders

  • Bucket Capacity: 2.75-3.1 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 152 HP
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.10 - 3.50 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 152 HP
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.7 - 4.2 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 168 HP
  • Bucket Capacity: 4.2 - 4.7 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 193 HP
compact loader

TaskMasters, Parallel Lift Loaders

  • Bucket Capacity: 2.8-3.1yd3
  • Operating Weight: 28,065 lbs
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.7-4.2yd3
  • Operating Weight: 31,610 lbs
compact loader

Production Loaders

  • Bucket Capacity: 4.8-5.2 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 243 HP
90Z7 T4F
  • Bucket Capacity: 5.5-6.1 cu. yd
  • Engine/Output: 275 HP
compact loader

Quarries/ Mining Loaders

  • Bucket Capacity: 7.3-8.1 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 388 HP
95Z7 XTreme
  • Bucket Capacity: 7.7-9.0 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 388 HP
  • Bucket Capacity: 8.3-9.0 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 531 HP
115Z7 XTreme
  • Bucket Capacity: 8.0-9.15 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 532 HP
  • Bucket Capacity: 12.0 - 13.5 cu.yd
  • Engine/Output: 720 HP
compact loader

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